Book Review: Italian Rapier Combat - Ridolfo Capo Ferro  

Title: "Italian Rapier Combat - Ridolfo Capo Ferro"
Publisher: Greenhill Books, London, May 1, 2004
Editor: Jared Kirby
Reviewer: David M. Cvet
Having researched and practiced historical fencing for more than a decade, I can appreciate the hard work and challenge the transcription, translation and interpretation of ancient language pertaining to the historical fighting arts can be. Mr. Kirby has done an exemplary job of making such material available to everyone studying these fighting arts. Along with the scholastic contributions by modern day fencing masters, Maestro Ramon Martinez and Maestro Jeanette Acosta-Martinez, a serious practitioner of this fighting art would be diminished without this particular publication in their library.

Ridolfo Capo Ferro, master of the Italian rapier, whose work is based on over 200 years of Italian fencing tradition, published the original treatise in 1610, almost exactly 200 years after the first known Italian fencing treatise by the great fencing master, Fiore dei Liberi, presents to the practioner, access to the foundations of fencing so difficult to extract from historical treatises. This publication now unlocks the original treatise and makes available to every practitioner the eloquent nature and elements of Italian rapier fencing. A recommended publication that includes the 43 beautiful illustrations from the original treatise, along with the translations of the text offering the student, both visual and textual information which will enhance and refine their own technique and understanding of this art.

October 2004