Title: SPADA
Publisher: Chivarly Bookshelf
Editor: Stephen Hand

SPADA: A project of the Swordplay Symposium International (SSI) contains an anthology of articles which captures not only the "cutting edge" of scholarship relating to study of historical fighting treatises and techniques, but also stands as a paean to one of the sword communities greatest lights, Ewart Oakeshott.

Over a lifetime, Ewart Oakeshott not only earned unparalleled resepct for his knowledge of medieval swords, but also earned renown by his openess and enthusiasm, chivalric qualities that set an example for others to follow. The author of the most important books on sword history, including "The Archaeology of Weapons" and "Records of the Medieval Sword" are timeless standard reference works.

Containing Ewart's last article, "Studying Arms within the Circumference of History", SPADA is sure to become an instant resouce. Alongside Ewart, notable luminaries in the historical swordsmanship community record the current state of scholarship relating to the fantastic yet cryptic historical treatises.
(ISBN: 1-891448-37-4)

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Title: Hammerterz Forum: The International Journal of Western Swordplay Traditions
Publisher and Editor: J. Christoph Amberger
Posted: February 10, 1999

The Hammerterz Forum is a quarterly issue that is devoted to giving the reader, information on historic sword techniques, methods and principles. It is a highly readable publication guarranteed to provide the reader with insight into the areas of classical fencing and historical swordmanship, delivered in a witty and intelligent manner. The magazine is scheduled to be published in the last two weeks of January, April, July and October respectively, with of course, the best intentions on meeting the schedule. Feel free to contact the editor/publisher directly at zoergiebel@aol.com

No longer in publication - 2002

Hammerterz Forum Collected is available for purchase. It is a 8x10 inches, and cerlox bound manuscript. It is 364 pages covering the Summer of 1994 to the Fall of 1999, the complete print run. Click "here" for more details.

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