Medieval Ankle Boots

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Desc: Period Medieval Ankle Boots
Source: Revival Clothing, Chicago
Specs: Based on 14th-15th century boots found in the Netherlands, particularly drawing on examples excavated in Dortrect, Holland, comprised of leather flat-soled footwear, available in mens sizes 8 - 14, and ladies sizes 5 - 10.
Notes: Constructed of sturdy construction in top quality leather designed as a fine compromise between authenticity, function and cost by longtime expert in medieval accessories, Doug Strong of Talbots. The finished product has a pebbled textured leather for that medieval, "hand tanned" period look and is available in a rich palette of medieval jewel tones in black, golden brown, red, green and blue.
Revival Clothing have made one concession to modern feet in the nailed sole, which, while anachronistic, provides a thicker sole and more supportive boot. It is also ideal for mounting a high-traction sole vibram for customers engaging in medieval fighting art.
$84.95 USD
black or golden brown

$94.95 USD
red, green, blue
Prices may change without notice. Taxes not included.
period boots
1 - 3 weeks