Title: Basic Heraldry
Author: Stephen Friar, John Ferguson
Publisher: A&C Black; New Ed edition (September 1999)

A coat of arms contains many elements including shield, tinctures, charges, helm, crest, wreath, and motto scroll. With these symbols, leading families and monarchs were distinguished. This new title complements Friar's earlier work, A Dictionary of Heraldry (Harmony, 1987). Friar is a heraldic consultant, founder of the Society of Heraldic Arts, and a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Ferguson is a graduate of the Royal College of Art and a heraldic illustrator.
(ISBN: 0713651199)

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Paperback - 232 pp

Title: An Introduction to Heraldry
Author: W. H. St. John Hope
Publisher: Dover Publications (March 21, 2001)

Classic work, enhanced with 165 illustrations, explains the origins of heraldry, defines its terms and apparatus, and demonstrates how individuals and families arranged and distinguished their coats of arms. Includes a useful section on heraldic nomenclature. An excellent reference and a rich source of inspiration for artists, designers, and craftspeople.
(ISBN: 0486417611)

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Paperback - 128 pp

Title: The Complete Book of Heraldry
Author: Stephen Slater
Publisher: Lorenz Books Childrens (December 2002)

Accessible and contemporary in style, this book is a clear introduction to novices and contains much of interest to the expert. It is lavishly illustrated with newly commissioned art.
(ISBN: 0754810623)

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Hardcover - 256 pp

Title: A Canadian Heraldic Primer
Author: Dr. Kevin Greaves
Publisher: The Royal Heraldry Society of Canada
This primer dispels, once and for all, the myth that coats of arms are boring, snobbish, medieval holdovers that have no relevance today.

click for more details on the primerUsing cartoons, humour, and not a little irreverence (in which is concealed a surprising amount of information), Kevin Greaves explains the history behind the heraldry's unique conventions and language, and explores its creative possibilities. He shows heraldry as part of the fabric of Canada's past, present and future, and illustrates how this lively art has become even livelier since Canada became master of its own heraldic system in 1988.

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A French version of this primer entitled "L'Abécédaire canadien de l'héraldique" is now available.
(ISBN: 0-96930-634-2)

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Softcover - 56 pages, B&W & colour illustrations, Dimensions: 15 x 22.75 x 0.5cm

Title: Canadian Heraldry
Editor: Lt.Cdr. Alan B. Beddoe, FHSC, Revised by Col. Strome Galloway, FRHSC
Publisher: Mika Publishing Company, Belleville ON, 1981
Beddoe's Canadian Heraldry describes the history of heraldry in Canada and its development from French and British traditions. Many colour plates and black and white images provide examples of arms in use in Canada (civic, commercial, and personal). The book is available in public libraries or through the inter-library loan system.
(ISBN: 0-919303-56-0)
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online with membership with the RHSC
Hardcover - 224 pages, B&W & colour illustrations