Hans Talhoffer : "Fechtbüch aus dem Jahre 1467", 1467

Notes on Talhoffer's 1467 Fechtbüch

The original source for this material is from: Hergsell, Gustav: Hans Talhoffer's "Fechtbüch aus dem Jahre 1467", Prague, 1887. A secondary source includes a publication of Talhoffer's 'Fechtbüch aus dem Jahre 1467' or 'Fencing Book of the Year 1467' by VS Books, 1998, Herne (Germany). The 1998 publication is a reprint of Hergsell's work except for the incorporation the plates or "tafels" with a modern German translation of the text.

The work is a catalog of fencing actions and consists of illustrations with short descriptions for the two-handed sword, sword and buckler, sword and shield, dagger, wrestling, pollaxe, judicial combat, and mounted combat. As well as some specialized forms for the judicial duel: double-ended dueling pavises used with sword or club, and man in a pit with a club woman with a rock in a sock. Aside from the man and woman sequences, it appears that the book is oriented to those individuals that already possess the fundamental skills in combat.

Note: A number of tafels have audio files linked containing a verbal presentation of the German text. Thanks to Michael Rasmusson for his German expertise and interpretive skill.

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An Introduction to Talhoffer's Fechtbüch - by Dr. M. Lacy

(1) Langes Schwert (The Long Sword) - plates 1 - 67

(2) Kämpfe in den Schranken mit Spiess und Schwert in voller Rüstung (Fight in the Lists with Spear and Sword in Full Armor) - plates 68 - 73

(3) Langes Schwert (The Long Sword) - plates 74 - 78

(4) Streitaxt (Pole-axe) - plates 79 - 103

(5) Schild und Kolben (Shield and Club) - plates 104 - 126

(6) Schild und Schwert (Shield and Sword) - plates 128 - 150

(7) Schild (Shield) - plates 151 - 164

(8) Gekehlte und Hackenschilde (Throated and Hewing Shield) - plates 165 - 169

(9) Degen (Dolch) (Dagger) - plates 170 - 190

(10) Ringen (Wrestling) - plates 191 - 221

(11) Messer (Single-handed Sword) - plates 223 - 230

(12) Messer und kleiner Schild (bouclier) (Sword and small Shield (buckler)) - plates 231 - 239

(13) Einer gegn zwei (One against two) - plates 240 - 241

(14) Kämpfe zwischen Mann und Frau (Fight between Man and Wife) - plates 242 - 250

(15) Schwertkämpfe zu Ross (Sword Fight on Horse Back) - plates 251 - 260

(16) Ringkämpfe zu Ross (Hand-to-hand on Horse Back) - plates 261 - 264

(17) Kämpfe zu Ross mit Spiess und Schwert (Fight on Horse Back with Lance and Sword) - plates 265 - 266

(18) Kämpfe zu Ross mit Armbrust gegen Spiess (Fight on Horse Back with the Cross-bow) - plates 267 - 270

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