Jakob Sutor von Baden, "Neu Künstliches Fechtbüch...", 1612

About the Fechtbüch

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Sutor's "Neu Künstliches Fechtbuch" was originally written in Frankfurt in 1612 and then republished by Wilhelm Hoffman in Stuttgart in 1849. He begins his work with 16 pages covering the "langen schwerdt" or long sword. These include the classic guards and a few pages devoted to grappling techniques. He follows this with coverage of the "Dusaken" or dusack. It is essentially, a large, elongated "meat cleaver", one sharp edge, slightly curved blade with an integral hand grip. It has a certain resemblance to a large machete. His works concludes with ample coverage of the rapier, rapier and dagger trailing with a few pages covering pole-weapons.

Vom langen Schwerdt (long sword)

Vom Dusaken (dusack)

Vom Rappier (rapier)

Vom der Gtangen (pole-weapons)

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