George Silver. Brief Instructions to my Paradoxes of Defence. London.

(3) Declaration of 4 General Fights (Cap. 3)

A declaration of all the 4 general fights to be used with the sword at double or single, long or short, & with certain particular rules to them annexed.

  1. Open fight(11) is to carry your hand and hilt aloft above your head, either with point upright, or point backward, which is best, yet use that, which you shall find most apt, to strike, thrust, or ward.
  2. Guardant fight(12) in general is of 2 sorts, the first is true guardant fight(13), which is either perfect or imperfect.
  3. Close fight is when you cross at the half sword either above at the forehand ward(15) that is with the point high, & hand & hilt low, or at the true or bastard guardant ward with both your points down.
  4. Close is all manner of fights wherein you have made a true cross at the half sword with your space very narrow & not crossed, is also close fight. Variable fight is all other manner of lying not here before spoken of, whereof these 4 that follow are the chiefest of them.(16)
Also any other kind of variable fight or lying whatsoever a man can devise not here expressed, is contained under this fight.

Released: November 13, 1998 / Last modified: December 12, 2008