unknown - Parisian artists. "Maciejowski Bible",c1250

Old Testament Miniatures, The Pierpont Morgan Library & George Braziller, Inc., NY. September 1969. ISBN-10: 0807605131

Parisian artists around 1250, live through their work - the beautifully drawn, vigorous figures and skillful expression of human emotion and conquest, illustrats in detail, costume, armour and background detail of the period. 96 coloured plates along with textual descriptions accompanying each plate provides probably the best representation of the period available today.

Note: Given the images from the Maciejowski Bible were sourced from the Pierpont Morgan Library and to date, permission has not been granted to release the material to the general public, however, we have located a URL in the Netherlands that has a portion of the material online along with an English description of the plates. To view these images put together by Kees Nieuwenhuigsen, click ==> here <==.

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