Peter von Danzig. "Untitled", 1452

Cod.44 A 8 (Cod. 1449) 1452 / Bibliotheca dell'Academica Nazionale dei Lincei e Corsiniana

Peter von Danzig's fechtbuch contains comments on the cryptic verses of Liechtenauer and other German masters covering the use of the sword-and-buckler, dagger, longsword and grappling. The manual is mostly text but does contain some illustrations.

Credit: AEMMA wishes to thank , c/o Brotherhood of the Eagle's Nests (no longer active) of Cracow, Poland for his effort of digitizing the fechtbuch and his gracious donation of the digitized fechtbuch for presentation in this online library.

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Note: Access to the Peter von Danzig manuscript or fechtbuch is restricted to AEMMA internal research purposes only. The fechtbuch is not permitted in the public domain, which accounts for the user ID and password logon. Distribution in part or whole of this fechtbuch without explicit permission from Bibliotheca del'Academica Nazionale dei Lincei e Corsiniana is strictly prohibited. Efforts are underway to open up the restriction to permit AEMMA to make this fechtbuch available online for study by all practitioners of historical European martial arts.
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