The Art of Longsword Combat - Book #1

Notice: Book #1 is no longer available for download. The material was written and published almost 3 years ago, and even when published it did not reflect the current training program at the time. It was useful as a starter, however, with the research and training that has been undergoing for years, the publication reflected the level of training conducted at AEMMA only during the period between 1998 and the beginning of 2000.

Writing such material is a non-trivial task, as more is learned, and new findings are integrated into the training program not making it into the original publication. However, it was a useful starter, it was free, and AEMMA thanks the incredable 14,688 people who have downloaded the publication and the many positive comments.

We feel that at this point in time, the material is so far removed from the current approach at AEMMA's training, that it was time to "retire" the publication. AEMMA is currently working on a replacement publication which more closely resembles the training currently in practice. There is a good portion of the current training material online on this website under "Training". As of March 2004, the new material is undergoing a thorough review and editing and it is hoped that the material will be available in a similar fashion, probably with a small download fee attached, online right here.

A student's (recruit) reference manual for the development and training of medieval martial arts focused on longsword with grappling and dagger techniques for the preparation of achieving a scholler rank.

Notice: This material remains the property of the Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts. It is freely distributed to practitioners of medieval martial arts and offers no restrictions to the copying and re-distribution of the material in an un-altered form, however, this material is not for re-sale. AEMMA will graciously accept financial gifts to support AEMMA's further development in the resurrection and reconstruction of medieval martial arts and future publications. Re-production of this material for the purpose of commercial publication without permission from the Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts is a breach of copyright and legal action will follow.

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Errors & Updated Pages: The following pages have undergone revisions and corrections. Please replace the pages in your copy with these updated pages if you have downloaded your copy before the date of the changes below.

Notice: This publication will receive no new updates nor corrections. Book #1 is in the process of being re-written to more closely map to the current state of the AEMMA training program. The training approach over time has evolved to be more and more aligned with the Liberi system based on our interpretation, research and application of Liberi's treatise. Some updates with respect to the training program does appear periodically in the online training page of this website. Much of the enhancements with the recruit training reside in the dagger training component, but other enhancements have been made to the abrazare and spada longa components as well.
Book #1 as it stands is not entirely obsolete, but the re-write of Book #1 will render this current version obsolete and will no longer be available for download sometime this coming summer of 2003.
AEMMA wish to thank our brethren at arms for their interest and support by virtue of the number of downloads since the document has been made available for downloads.

Released: June 26, 2001
Updated: March 14, 2004
Number of downloads since its release: 14,688