Achille Marozzo, Opera Nova dell'Arte delle Armi, 1536

K.U.Leuven, Universiteitsbibliotheek, 4A 938

Click to view information on the Corble Collection CDOpera Nova by the Bolognese master discusses single combat (offensive & defensive) with numerous weapons accompanied with 82 figures (woodcuts) depicted with & without arms of all maneuvres & guards. The fighters depicted are shown with swords, staff weapons or daggers which are described with intelligent text in a systematic manner. An interesting note is that most illustrations are signed with a monogram .b. which has been conjectured to be Francesco Barattini or Giovanni Britto though no absolute evidence supports this notion. Marozzo's treatise is comprised of 18 plates and was republished in 1568 as "Arte Dell' Armi".

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