Achille Marozzo, Opera Nova dell'Arte delle Armi, 1536

Notes on Achille Marozzo (1484 - 1553)

A pair of plates depicting the combatants in their traditional garb and demonstration sword & buckler
Marozzo was an Italian fencing master who instructed in the Bolognese tradition [1], and most likely born in the city of Bologna, Italy. This treatise was published in Modena and dedicated to the Count Rangoni. The treatise being so popular and a comprehensive treatment of historical fencing of various forms, was reprinted several times into the 17th century.

His treatise covers nearly all of the classic weapons of that tradition, including sword and small buckler, sword and broad buckler and the techniques covering the sword and broad buckler or targa, sword and dagger, sword and rotella, sword and cape, sword-alone and two swords. In addition, Marozzo includes material for various polearms including the Partisan, Ronca, Spetum, and Lance.

The book is comprised of 140 pages including its cover. Illustrations are found throughout the manuscript, depicting the combatant in period garments, on a tiled floor. The simplicity was important to convey the narrow specifics of each illustration.


  1. Bolognese swordsmanship is also referred to as the "Dardi School" as there are some accounts which describe the Bolognese swordsmanship originator, being both a philosopher and swordsman bore that name.

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