Manesse, 1300-1315. "Die Mansesseche Liederhandschrift"

Universitätsbibliothek, Heidelberg, MS Cod. pal. Germ 848

"Die Manessesche Liederhandschrift" or "Manesse Song Handwriting" was created between 1300 and 1315 by a group of four (4) artists and their assistants in the area of Zurich, Switzerland and which now resides at the Universitätsbibliothek, Heidelberg in Germany. The 137 paintings depict the attributes of normal, everyday life of the period, that included work, play and battle. It also provides some clues of tournaments, the attitudes of the spectators and the manner in which tournaments were held. Interesting aspects of a number of plates is their similarity to the I.33 illustrations."

Note: Permission to present the Mannes digital images in the form of links to the images presently located at the online library of this site was granted by the University of Heidelberg, Germany. The reference for the manuscript is: Codex one-eats - the miniatures of the large Heidelberger song handwriting, island publishing house given change and describes from Ingo F. Walther under cooperation of Gisela Siebert.

The images are available for scientific and academic research purposes only and remain the property of University of Heidelberg.

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