With my dagger I know how to parry cuts and thrusts:
If one by one you come I have an infallible game:
And my scholar will prove it:
And he'll do it according to the picture.
Proof is painted here: You can see
that I can hit you with no problem.

Here, I win over the dagger with the sword,
In that I have turned and pushed you.
If one wanted to hit my head with his sword,
I quickly would do this parry: I would turn him with
my left hand, And hit him on the back with the dagger.

To avoid you hitting my back
I'll do this contrary without any problem.
The game is dagger against sword:
I invite the dagger against the sword,
And I'll show through the scholar
Which way this game can be done.

In this manner does the sword defend against
the dagger: I'll hit you with the sword:
the dagger can do nothing.
This other one is a strange case:
The dagger invites against the sword:
The sword will do the game of the scholar
And will show that the dagger can do nothing.

I'll hit your eye with the scabbard
And I won't stop hitting you with the sword.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

" A crowned master with a poleax in his hand,
who has thrown a rope tight to the cap of the poleax, which cap is
one pound or more heavy, around the legs of his opponent: and pulling the poleax,
he will pull the opponent to the ground."

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Literal Translation of Fiore de Liberi's printed words by Hermes Michelini, 2001. Pictures grabbed from original 'Flos Duellatorum' sketches and formatted for this web site by Mich Shire. We are happy to present these pages as another study guide for students of the Western Martial Arts community at large. Enjoy.

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