* * * * * * * * * * * *

We are six guards ready to give battle,
Because we completely know that art,
And this art includes the complete truth:
Poleax, sword and dagger to great extreme.
And here we'll explain how this art happens:
Masters and students will do it without lying.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

I'm the short guard, the snake,
I have a sharp point to go through harnesses.
I am the guard called the true cross
Ready for strikes and thrusts.

I am the upper snake, I leveled out great thrusts;
I also protect against strikes Those hits are nothing for me.
I am the middle iron door,
Always ready to throw away great thrusts.

I am the guard of the arrow
Good for hitting and protecting.
I am the guard of the bastard cross,
Not slow to make my techniques.

From this parry I believe I can hurt anybody,
According to what you will see the masters do.
From the master's parry comes this thrust,
And the next techniques that well follow.

You will go to the ground for the weak of my sword,
And you'll be lucky if I don't do you worse.
You feel that I have my sword behind your neck
And I'll show you death on the ground.

If I turn around close on the left
You'll lose your sword from your right hand.
I hurt your hand, well you can feel it,
And now I could hit your face with the pommel

Here I hurt your hands to come to close range,
And so hard that the harness won't protect you.
By holding you I'll throw you to the ground,
And with my tip I'll cause great damage.

And you'll leave the sword with your left hand
And you'll go to the ground with my entry.
This hold secures me your sword:
Mine is free, yours is captured;
And for the fourth technique of the poleax
The sword goes through the harness.

posta breve serpentina
I am the short guard, the snake, poleax in hand:
If the tip does not fail me, I'll deceive you.
posta de vera crose
I am the strong guard of the cross:
No poleax hit, nor thrusts will hurt me.

posta de donna
I am the guard of the woman of pure loyalty:
Wide hits I do beyond measure.
posta di denti chingiaro
I am the guard of the wild boar, full of ardor:
Poleax pounding does nothing to me.

I have hit your poleax to the ground,
And right away mine will be in your face.
From the wild boar I have raised my poleax
And with that I have hit your face.

I have lifted your visor, you feel it,
And with my poleax I'll break your teeth.
Because of my hand, which I put under your arm,
With a strong key I'll cause you much damage.

With this hold I will turn fast:
You'll lose your poleax and mine will hurt your head.

Literal Translation of Fiore de Liberi's printed words by Hermes Michelini, 2001. Pictures grabbed from original 'Flos Duellatorum' sketches and formatted for this web site by Mich Shire. We are happy to present these pages as another study guide for students of the Western Martial Arts community at large. Enjoy.

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