This way I wait with the dagger and the staff: The staff will protect, the dagger will hit your chest; And what I do with the staff I would do with the sword, Although the sword would be stronger.
In the way the master has just said,
In that way I'll hit your chest.

I'll wait for you here with a dagger and two clubs: I throw one at you, with the other I come close to you And right away with the dagger I'll hit your chest.
And what the master has said, that I will do,
And the dagger I'll put in your chest.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

The guards of the spear, which are six masters:
the first three masters practice from the right side, the other three practice from the left.

The long spear, which is used by hand, The longer it is, the less it's deceiving:
Six master stay on guard with it With one step and one strike right away they hit,
For sure from the right and also from the left: Striking is done outside on the street
And the strike wants an arm on the spear And whoever does the contrary will fail.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

tutta porta de ferro destra
I wait with this guard with a short spear:
My habit is to strike and to exchange the point.
meza porta de ferro
Your spear is long and short is mine:
Don't try to run, or I'll humiliate you.

nobele posta di finestra destra
With my spear I'll strike yours in passing
And right away I'll thrust it in your chest.
Such is the wounding by the three former masters,
And in such a way that their spear will end in your face or chest.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

We are three masters who will fight in reverse:
One after another comes who wants to come, and we'll hurt him;
The fourth master will complete the art of our fights
And we gave him his fair share of the crown.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

posta di denti chingiale
This guard will suffice me against any spear,
I cover myself above and below with steps and returns, With the butt of the ground and the tip on top I have no problem covering and hitting.
posta de vera crose
With this guard I can defend against any spear:
Throw, that I want to thrust my spear in your chest.

posta di finestra sinistra
I will finish you without failing when turning around because I'm the master of all changes.
And here ends the art of the spear, With harness and without, this one is supreme.

We are two masters waiting to throw, Doesn't matter if spears, arrows or swords,
And we make defense with the sword And the same we'll do with the staff;
With steps and returns Cuts and thrusts we'll use; And even Pulicano,
who I know was a good spear fighter, Wouldn't gain honor against us.

If I want to get this spear off me, I'd better hit it hard from above, So that I'll break the staff of your spear
And then I'll feel like doing a close combat.
With my arms, this way I'll get rid of your spear, then I'll turn and hit you, And if I can't make this way Then I'll use the technique I described before.

Literal Translation of Fiore de Liberi's printed words by Hermes Michelini, 2001. Pictures grabbed from original 'Flos Duellatorum' sketches and formatted for this web site by Mich Shire. We are happy to present these pages as another study guide for students of the Western Martial Arts community at large. Enjoy.

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