Fiore dei Liberi: Flos Duellatorum, 1410 (Pisani-Dossi, F. Novati, Bergamo, 1902)
 4 spada longa - longsword
 4.2 gioco sença arme (unarmoured plays)
 4.2.4 ferire de li braçi (strike to the arm)

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Per passar fora de strada io t'ò ben discouerto
E li braçi toy io si ferirò in lo uoltare per certo

Lo ferire de li braçi, aguello zogho te faço
E dal zogho streto io te farò altro impazo

For passing from the path I have uncovered you well
And turning to you I will certainly strike your arm

In that play I made a strike to your arm
And from this close play I will also make you mad

Synopsis: click on image to view larger of the sameThe first couplet describes the current situation illustrated with the first image, whereby the master is depicted stepping off the line (the path) to create an uncovering of the zugadore as indicated in the text. The second line of the same couplet further describes the intent of the master once he has covered using what appears to be a low "guard of the window" and who will eventually strike the arm of the zugadore.

The second couplet really doesn't add any additional details to this scenario, however, the illustration depicted is far more useful depicting the strike to the arm of the zugadore by the scholler wearing a garter below his left knee. The couplet simply restates the prose in the first couplet.

Practical Application: The important attribute of this scenario is the stepping off the line while delivering a thrusting motion of the sword which appears as a low "guard of the window". The master is shown taking a traverse step with his right foot while plunging the sword downwards to parry the inbound strike (thrust). Continuing with this single motion, an opening is created as the scholler is now positioned on the side of the zugadore and with a simple forward step with the left foot while turning the sword, he is able to cut the zugadore's arm. The response of the zugadore is typical, as in the first illustration, the zugadore is "spent" having taken a right step forward and delivering a thrust as depicted. When the zugadore realizes the parry, his natural instinct is to pull the sword in defensively, and all the while, the scholler steps around to the zugadore's side creating an opening and permitting a strike to the arm as depicted in the second illustration.

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Fiore de' Liberi 1410 posta de finestra, instabile (guard of the window)

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