Fiore dei Liberi: Flos Duellatorum

La scherma di lancia e di spada a cavallo (Lance and Sword Fencing on horseback)


"Cum la spada tua lança io rebaterò:
O de punta o de taglio io te ferirò"

"With the sword I will rebut your lance:
by point or cutting edge I will wound you"

Armed against the charge with a sword with the blade high, the Magistro prepares himself to receive the attack in the woman's position, effecting a strike on the enemy's weapon in order to then draw with the blade or the cutting edge.  Let's imagine the reconstruction of the assault:  the man armed with a lance charges right, aiming at the upper left parts of the body;  the Magistro, having entered into reach, carries his sword in front, defending the left hand side, connects with the lance with a strike, making it deviate from its target and draws either a backhanded mezzano to the head or a backhanded point.

"Perce tu non rebati mia lanca fora de strada,
Soto el braco mancho io la porto arestada."

"Because you did not rebut my lance out of the way,
Under my sleeve I carry it stopped."

Against the backhanded strike from the sword, stop the lance under the left armpit, impeding the elusive action of the adversary: the lance will continue to be adjustable, but the blockage under the arm impedes the “suariar” of the enemy strike. Despite the fact that the Magistro is then armed with the lance he advances with caution, like his adversary, no longer galloping, but trotting.

Last modified: February 3, 1999