Fiore dei Liberi : "Flos Duellatorum", 1410

Note: Access to the Fiore dei Liberi resources is available to students and members of the Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts (AEMMA), along with complete access to George Silver and Capo Ferro resources. This is particularly important for those students who are recruits training at AEMMA. It is thought that access to Silver and Liberi provides all of the basis for recruit level of training, and to Capo Ferro for the Rapier training. Those individuals who have achieved scholler rank, can request access to the entire online library resource by contacting the AEMMA executive.

A note to AEMMA students...

"segno" carta (17) - Flos Duellatorum (Pisani-Dossi MS): F. Novati. A 4ft x 8 ft painted copy of this carta is suspended on the wall at the salle d'armes. It was originally painted and donated to AEMMA by Lilith Muramasa in 2002.
Fiore dei Liberi's legacy created 600 years ago is honoured in the 21st century by AEMMA with our careful research, reconstruction and resurrection of the fighting art he described in his treatises entitled "Flos Duellatorum" and "Fior Battaglia". This online resource is designed to be a learning resource for AEMMA students, in particular to recruits who have a desire to train and progress to scholler rank by providing some background on the man who bore the name Fiore dei Liberi and a brief comparative analysis of the three versions of the treatise. AEMMA considers these treatises as important cornerstones in todays research and reconstruction of historical Western fighting arts, and form the core of its training program. The reasons are numerous, but perhaps their greatest value is their collection of illustrations possessing remarkable clarity in conveying the concepts in the art, and the imformative text accompanying each illustration, together creating a recipe for a comprehensive resource supporting today's research, practice and reconstruction of traditional Western fighting arts encompassing skills and techniques both from an offensive and defensive perspective, applicable to today's physical challenges.


  1. Overview of Fiore's Online Resources
  2. About the man, Fiore dei Liberi
  3. A Brief Comparative Analysis of the Treatises
  4. Availalble Online and Printable Fiore Resources
  5. Fiore Publications
  6. Online Presentation of Flos Duellatorum

Overview of Fiore's Online Resources

Each section of this Flos Duellatorum online resource can be printed, as there is a "print" button located at the bottom of each section. Hard copies made are useful for taking notes, and to take to class as a reference for clarification and further discussion on the interested portion of Fiore with instructors or training partners.

Also available are articles written on various aspects of Fiore dei Liberi or his treatises, in particular, articles found and highlighted on these pages in the Journal of Western Martial Art. Therefore, some material will not be included in these pages, as these are already available in those online articles highlighted. These articles can also be printed as they all have a "print" button at the bottom of their pages.

Lastly, the online presentation of Flos Duellatorum is included in these resources, in the form of page by page format. Most pages will have both a translation and interpretation of the verses accompanying the illustrations, however, some of these are dated, and efforts to keep the material current are in place.

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