Fiore dei Liberi: Flos Duellatorum, 1410 (Pisani-Dossi, F. Novati, Bergamo, 1902)
 1 abrazare - grappling
 1.3 gioco de magistro terzo - third master plays
 1.3.1 gioco primo - first play - intended face attack ==> to elbow lift and throw (counter)

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E le uero che de tal presa t'o lassato
E cum questo contrario seray aterrato.
It is the truth that I have left your hold
And with this counter you will be grounded.

Interpretation: This first play of the third master begins with an illustration depicting the master countering an intended face attack which could've been deployed as the one in the previous play, by pushing up the zugadore's elbow avoiding the face attack, all the while, the master is depicted as lifting the leg of the zugadore to facilitate the intended throw. Click on the images view a larger image of the same.

Application: The third master begins a series of counters which are oriented towards either receiving a face attack or deploying a face attack as a counter. The third master depicts an elbow push which effectively disrupts the intended facial attack by the zugadore. The intensity of the elbow push and angle creates an imbalanced stance by the zugadore as the elbow is pushed upwards then across the zugadore's chest causing a great imbalance so that the zugadore's left is lifted in his attempt to regain stability. The third master is depicted simply grabbing the upward moving leg to facilitate a throw to the ground.

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