Fiore dei Liberi: Flos Duellatorum, 1410 (Pisani-Dossi, F. Novati, Bergamo, 1902)
 1 abrazare - grappling
 1.2 gioco de magistro secundo - second master plays
 1.2.6 gioco sexto - sixth play - full nelson => finding a wall (counter)

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Questa si e de concordia strania presa
Asai ti posso stentare senca deffesa.
This hold is of a wonderful arrangement
Without a defense you will only toil in pain.

Interpretation: The first line of the couplet indicates that the hold or prese is a very good hold and should and will render the zugadore incapacitated and who will only suffer more pain if he doesn't have a defensive plan to execute. Click on the images view a larger image of the same.

Application: The illustration depicts the zugagore receiving a classic "full-nelson" hold by the scholler. The scholler has both arms under the armpits of the zugagore with his hands clasped behind the neck of the zugagore. This is a very difficult hold to get out of, and leveraging the text describing the same play from the Getty's, Fiore suggests that the counter to such a hold would be to find a wall or tree and either force the one deploying the hold against the wall or tree, or on a similar line, the zugagore being held would raise his legs and "jump" off the tree or wall causing both the holder and the zugagore to fall to the ground thus breaking the hold.

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