Fiore dei Liberi: Flos Duellatorum, 1410 (Pisani-Dossi, F. Novati, Bergamo, 1902)
 1 abrazare - grappling
 1.2 gioco de magistro secundo - second master plays
 1.2.3 gioco terzo - third play - attack the left ear then a throw back

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Per Io dedo che io te tegno soto la rechia stancha
Veco che la presa che tu auiui te mancha.
Because of my thumb which is held on you under the left ear
You're in trouble because your main hold quickly failed.

Interpretation: The first line basically describes the placement of the scholar's thumb on the zugagore's head below the ear. This scenario is more fully elaborated in the second line of the couplet implying that the hold (prese) that the zugagore had on the scholar will disipate very quickly due to the scholar's attacking a very sensitive area on the head. Click on the images view a larger image of the same.

Application: Should the zugagore be able to deploy a grab, such as the one illustrated where his left arm goes over the scholar's right shoulder, and his right arm attempting to grip close to create a tight hold, the scholar utilizes the pain points indicated by Fiore in the dagger section, the magistro de ferire, in which the scholar places his thumb under the jaw and applies pressure to that point. This is a very sensitive point on most people, and thus he creates space between himself and the zugagore which allows him to deploy some other technique, perhaps a long guard to throw the zugagore onto his back.

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