Fiore dei Liberi: Flos Duellatorum, 1410 (Pisani-Dossi, F. Novati, Bergamo, 1902)
 1 abrazare - grappling
 1.1 gioco de magistro primo - first master plays
 1.1.4 gioco quatro - fourth play - shoulder grab => face pull via long guard to iron gate

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Se tu fussi magistro de Io abraçare
In terra cum questa presa ti faro andare.
Even if you claim to be a master of grappling
I'll make you go to the ground with this hold (prese).

Interpretation: The couplet clearly indicates the power behind this technique, which will adequately "vanquish" the zugadore with relative ease with this particular hold (prese). Again, similar to the previous two plays, the end result of this particular technique is to throw the zugadore to the ground. Click on the images view a larger image of the same.

Application: In this particular scenario, the zugadore manages to grab hold of the scholar's hip or belt (the individual wearing the garter). The intent of the zugadore is to throw the scholar to the ground, however, the counter deployed by the scholar will in fact, reverse the fortunes of the zugadore and have him thrown to the ground.

When the scholar notices that his hip or belt has been grabbed by the zugadore, he immediately compresses the zugadore's right arm using the scholar's arm, in particular, his elbow to manifest the compression while he grabs the zugadore's hip or belt. The scholar's hand should be quite "deep" in that the hand should reach the small of the zugadore's back. Once the placement has been achieved, the scholar will pull in his right hand, while placing his right arm against the zugadore's throat and grabbing his face and pushing his face towards the rear. This action can be described as a "scissor's" like movement in which the zugadore's right hip is pulled into the scholar while the zugadore's head is pushed to the right causing a twisting action on the body of the zugadore. This creates a significant imbalance and the zugadore finds his way to the ground.

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abrazare 4 click to view the video  Training Video: Boars Tooth => Long Guard

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