Hans-Peter Hils, Meister Johann Liechtenauers Kunst des langen Schwertes, 1985

ISBN 3-8204-8129-X / Peter Lang GmbH, Frankfurt am Main 1985

The complete dissertation on Dr. Hans-Peter Hils examination of the influence of Johann Liechtenauer on historical fencing. One of the most important contemporary studies of the subject, submitted to the University of Freiburg and published in 1985. This 370 page book contains detailed information on the geneology of the German fechtbuch, the influence of Liechtenauer on later works and provides examples of illustrations from various fechtbuchs for comparison and study.

Note: Permission to publish the above digital image, as well as the rest of the manuscript online on the AEMMA's online library was graciously granted by Dr. Hans-Peter Hils. The images are available for scientific and academic research purposes only and remain the property of Dr. Hans-Peter Hils. If any material is required for publishing or wish to obtain permission to use some of this material, contact AEMMA at .

Credit: AEMMA wishes to thank , c/o Brotherhood of the Eagle's Nests (no longer active) of Cracow, Poland for taking the time and effort to digitize Dr. Hils' dissertation and for his gracious donation of the digitized dissertation for presentation in the online library.

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