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Click to view information on the Corble Collection CDGiacomo di Grassi was an Italian fencing master who wrote his first fencing manual, entitled "Ragione di adoprar sicuramente l'Arme, si da offesa come da difesa", in 1570. The text was later translated into English and published again in 1594, entitled complete (using the original spelling - "/" indicates line breaks in the original title) as "DiGrassi, His True Arte of Defence / plainle teaching by infallable Demonstrations / apt Figures and perfect Rules the manner and / forme how a man without other Teacher or / Master may safelie handle all fortes of / Weapons as well offensive as defensive: / With a Treatise / Of Disceit or Falsinge : And with a waie or / means by private Industrie to obtaine / Strength, Judgement and / Actiuitie." Giacomo di Grassi was one of the three premiere Renassiance fencing masters known during the period of Elizabethan England.

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