DVD Review: The Armorer's Workshop with Peter Fuller, A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Hourglass Gauntlets  

Title: The Armorer's Workshop with Peter Fuller - A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Hourglass Gauntlets
Producer: Paladin Press
Posted:August 22, 2005
Reviewer: David M. Cvet
Peter Fuller defines what a master armorer truly means. His ability to convey his knowledge and expertise in the construction of historically accurate "hourglass" gauntlets, consistent with c1370 period through the medium of DVD confirms in my books, his place as a master of the art. His caring and close attention to details clearly becomes evident during this video resulting in superior craftsmanship readily visible in the final creation. Having my own experience in armoured combat and having developed a familiarity with arms and armour of the period, I can appreciate the craftsmanship and skill required in creating this stunning pair of 14th century guantlets.

This two part video (two discs), begins with a review of the tools and material necessary to complete this project. This is followed with a step-wise method in the construction of the cuffs, the brass trimming, through to the finger lames and finally, assembly of the gauntlets with the attachment of the leather gloves. The images are clear and unobstructed providing the viewer with almost "hands on" experience development opportunities while watching the video. This, along with commentary from Peter offering numerous anecdotal advice, and pearls of wisdom in the form of tips and techniques such as "chasing" and "fluting", were obviously developed with over 20 years of experience makes this video, an important part of an armorer's reference library.

Any individual wishing to learn the art of armory would find it in their best interest to have this video and study it to eliminate or at least reduce the common errors made by armourers during their formative time. This DVD is in no doubt, an inspiration for the would-be armorer, moving him/her from thinking about it to doing it!

August 2005