"Kunst des Ringen", 1510

Notes on Kunst des Ringen

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Anonymous, 1510 is comprised of 12 colour beautifully illustrated folia (24 pages) which describes various techniques of ringen or "wrestling". Every individual in the manuscript is unique, where some are illustrated with plants or leaves protruding from their long hair. Others wear fantastical hats as part of their wardrobe. The background is generally clear which is ideal in highlighting the important points being conveyed in each illustration, however, there are notable variations in the substrate with a single stone, multiple stones and one to three tufts of grass or floral plants. However, the illustrations do depict credible wrestling holds, complete with arm bars and keys. The style of figures and their wardrobe are reminiscent of the manuscript entitled "Goliath".

Hye in disem büchlin findt man die recht kunst vnd art des Ringens, mit vil hüpschen stücken vnd figuren, Dar durch sich ein ytlicher wol veben mag, vnd solliches ringen lernen.


  1. Anonymous: Kunst des Ringen, 1510"

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