click to view the Corble CD Collection Francesco Alfieri, "L'Arte di ben Maneggiare La Spada", 1653

K.U.Leuven, Universiteitsbibliotheek, 4A 28

Click to view information on the Corble Collection CDFrancesco Ferdinando Alfieri of Padova was a 17th century master of the Italian school of swordsmanship; according to the title page of La Scherma, he was "Maestro D'Arme" to the Accademia Delia in Padua in 1640. Alfieri's manuscript, written in 1653, describes the basic guards as it pertains to the two-handed sword (from the illustrations, they appear at least 2m long). The manuscript includes textual description of the guards, along with detailed coverage of rapier, rapier & dagger, rapier & cloak. Colour scanned images permission of Leuven University Press

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