Canadian Historical European
Martial Arts (CHEMA) Workshop - 2002

May 11, 2002

Workshop Summary Report

AEMMA hosted its first martial arts workshop at its new permanent training facility on Saturday, May 11, 2002. It was an all day event that included three principle fighting arts described below and which concluded with a small armoured tournament. AEMMA would like to thank all of the instructors and participants of the first Annual Canadian Historical European Martial Arts Workshop. The objective of such a workshop was to create a "mini" local version of the continent's leading international WMAW events. It was an extremely successful workshop, with 30 participants in attendance, including fellow practitioners from NY state. Everyone in attendance walked away satisfied possessing enhanced knowledge and skills as a result of the workshops. The workshops were as follows:

Medieval Close Combat - German Dagger and Grappling - Pete Kautz, Alliance Martial Arts

Pete Kautz demonstrated the usual depth and skill of dagger and grappling techniques. His presentation was professional and entertaining. His creative warm-ups were not only fun, but they were effective methods of loosening up the joints and muscles in preparation for the workshop instruction. His workshop began with a series of warm-up exercises that included Prussian chest pounding, staff-wrestling, and a series of exercises in which all participants attempted to grab and stomp-on everyone else in the melee. His instruction was based on material from the fechtbuch of Master Huntfeltz and Master Lignitzer. The English translation of this material was sourced from Christian Tobler. The material presented was so interesting and useful, that the 1/2 workshop devoted to this area flew by in what felt like a few minutes. Pete's work, skill and material is highly recommended by any historical practitioner wishing to enhance one's physical skills for close-quarters, and one's abilities in the area of combative theory (judgment, timing, distance and place).
The photo depicts Pete with his zugadore of the day, Shawn Zirger, a JKD instructor.

Longsword Skills & Techniques - David Cvet & Brian McIlmoyle

The longsword workshop was split into two classes. The advanced longsword training headed by David and the longsword "101" by Brian. The split was considered after surveying the attendees and felt that two levels of instruction were needed. The advanced workshop began with standard drills in pairs so that each partner could develop a comfort with each other. David, assisted by Dave Murphy (the coordinator of the CHEMA event) and Lilith Muramasa (a student of AEMMA), each pair were examined and tuned. Then each pair would then have their speed racheted up along with further examination and tuning. Following these exercises, new techniques were introduced such as counter-cuts, true-edge and false-edge parries, disarms, etc. Concurrently, Brian instructed the participants with foundational longsword training. Students at the conclusion of the longsword workshop were pleased with the split and which reduced the "anxiety" of some of the participants who did not have familiarity with the longsword.
The photo depicts David on the left with assitant and CHEMA coordinator Dave Murphy on the right demonstrating an evade and cut drill.

English Rapier - Scott Nichols, Company of Cavalier Gentlemen

Scott's speed and eloquent control and displine of the rapier is a site worthy to experience. His instruction provided the foundations of rapier training that focused on combative theory including pressing-in and flying-out. The usual review of the stances, basic attacks followed by parries and repostes were very well received. There were enough training equipment to satisfy all those who attended.
The photo depicts Scott on the right and his assistant Ron on the left.

Armoured Tournament

The armoured tournament was comprised of 4 individuals, Anton Cvet, Dave Murphy, Kel Rekuta and David Cvet. Variations of engagements were initially conducted that included a number of eskermir à plaisance duels and a few specialty duels that focused principally on 1/2-sword only. In general, the tournament followed the tournament structure and rules as described in "Of the Undertaking of a Tournament"All participants gave as good as they received and the spectators were treated to some great technical fighting. The photo on the left depicts David on the left, Kel on the right in close-quarterts. The photo on the right shows Dave Murphy on the left, Anton Cvet on the right.

One small accident did occur during a 1/2-sword skirmish, in which David held his guard too low, and was thrusted by Kel's sword penetrating the right hand between thumb and index finger. This required an immediate visit to the local hospital and received stitches to close the wound. The hand is healing fine, complete with pretty colours of blue and purple which were visible. This injury did not stop the tournament and continued to its conclusion. David returned to the workshop a couple of hours later and joined the rest of the participants for some onsite ale.

Video Segments
No. Segment Description Video
1 Pete Kautz: demonstrates another variation of the "crossed-grip" takedown with his zugadore Shawn Zirger. Pete had demonstrated numerous techniques with the dagger and takedowns during his workshop. click to view the video

2 David Cvet: working with Dave Murphy, demonstrates a drill that practices the student's evading a downward strike and shortly following this, evading a downward strike while returning a blow to the opponent's forearms. click to view the video

3 Scott Nichols: working with his partner, Ron, demonstrates the finer points of subtle movements for the purpose of re-directing an inbound thrust with rapier. click to view the video


AEMMA will plan on hosting a second CHEMA workshop next year around the same time. Thanks to scholler Dave Murphy for coordinating this event and recruit Lilith Muramasa for helping out with the setup, preparation and assistance.

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